friends-at-dinner     I have always been an avid reader, since I could first pick up a book and decode those words all by myself. I have stories to tell, and though I sometimes fantasize about being reincarnated as a J.R.R. Tolkien clone, for now I am writing realistic stories for teens. I have one novel completed with the working title  A Time of Reckoning, and my next teen novel in progress.  I am looking for a literary agent to represent my work.

Being an avid reader, I am also over at Goodreads ( where you can find more of my reviews.

I am Jean on Goodreads.


Chickadee in flight

I have many interests besides reading and writing, perhaps too many since there are only twenty-four hours in each day. I love so many activities, such as: knitting, birding, cooking, quilting, crosswords and board games, travel, flowers, coffee, and tea.



Especially English tea time, as done at Fortnum and Mason. Or leisurely sipped from my own favorite tea cup at home.