Hope and Renewal in the Garden

Decrepit garden


It was a sad story…a neglected garden run wild and overgrown. But it has a happy ending.


For this moment, the work here is done.

But only for this moment, because gardens are never “done” or finished. They keep changing. They keep needing attention. They are as demanding as children of our energy and care. Like children, they also reward us with joy and the fun of seeing progress.

All planted and tucked in.

It took some hired help to clear out the overgrowth and weeds, and then a lot of time, working slowly, in stages. Breaking a large project up into smaller tasks and patiently accomplishing them one by one as energy and weather conditions permit is a very successful strategy. Not just for gardening, but for life in general. And this garden is far from finished. There is a large area closer to the maple tree that waits for more plants to be added. Perhaps in the early fall, when my checking account has had some recovery time.

The rewards are so real. The perennial garden is much improved, and color is added along the other side of the walk with container plantings, including two lovely tomato plants amidst the flowers.

Tomatoes join the plant parade

Last but not least, a few blooms to brighten the corner by the porch and front door. Snapdragons mostly, and a sad, somewhat bedraggled old geranium that has yet to rebound from wintering over and being severely cut back to encourage new growth. But it will make a remarkable comeback, as it always does. It will be blooming, gloriously red, in a while.


In a garden there is always hope and renewal.


5 thoughts on “Hope and Renewal in the Garden

  1. Great analogy for life with death and renewal. I too enjoy working in my yard, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, keeping my trees trimmed and somewhat tidy. In the process of renewing the yard, my heart and soul are renewed. Then I get to sit back and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

    Great job along the walkway.



  2. Wow, it looks great! And I know you are satisfied. Soon, the baby plants will fill in and the colors will be beautiful against the sidewalk and grass. Once we do a project like this, we start to watch it and become vigilant at keeping it looking good.


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