Thin Line Between Politics and Morality

I never intended to delve into politics in the writing I do for my blog. I hoped to share my interests, to amuse, to provoke thought or even some feelings. But we are living in very different times in the United States of America. I love my native land. I find myself often mired in deep grief and shame for the face our government now shows the world, in my name as a citizen. I never thought I would feel this way about America.

This is not simply politics as usual. Would that it were. If it were only politics, I could regret the outcome of the election, dislike some policy shifts, and wait patiently for the next election. This, this has been a paradigm shift. Not politics I dislike. A shift into cruelty, baseness, and inhumanity. And for no good reason I can see, other than one man’s overweening ego and the opportunism of those with a far right agenda who wish to take advantage of him and the situation he has created.

I cannot justify holding silent.

I live within reasonably easy driving distance of the Canadian border, in a state that can see winter conditions that are brutal. Because of the fear sown by lies coming out of our Executive branch of government, far too many of our people believe that most immigrants are illegal, most are criminals, most are dangerous, most are to be feared, and we should expel them and keep future immigrants out, no matter if they are fleeing for their lives and will probably die if not granted asylum.

It grieves me that so many of my fellow citizens are willing, glad, to tolerate and approve of the brutal measures being implemented by our immigration control and border police. They are unable to find any sympathy or understanding for the fear in which so many people in our country now exist. They even mock, on social media, their attempts to flee to Canada as publicity stunts, done for attention.

I find it interesting that it is difficult for many Americans to understand the plight of terrified, fleeing people who now hope to find peace and safety in Canada, since America became so unwelcoming. This is because we are so privileged to have never lived in such fear for our lives. Fear that deprives us of our ability to think clearly, if we can manage to think at all. Fear that has us running in panic.

These are people who fear at the very least that if they are sent back to their native lands they will have zero chance to better themselves or their families, at worst that they will lose their very lives. Fear drives out logic. Fear drives out any trust in government processes, so it does not surprise me that refugees seek to flee across the U.S./Canadian border far from any vestiges of government regulations. It does not surprise me that they risk the dangers of exposure to the cold, risking life and limb in a dash to safety.

So easy to sit in judgment when their experience is so foreign from most of ours. If I had one super power I would wish to have the power to soften and open hearts so that love could rush in and overcome cynicism, apathy and indifference. So humanity could flower.

Silence is withering. Use your voice, if you can, in any ways that will tend the garden so that  humane treatment of our fellow men, women and children can grow and bloom.


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