Snowed In



No travel advised. These are words to send a thrill of ecstasy straight into the heart of a true introvert.

Snowed in equals guilt-free solitude. Snowed in equals sudden freedom from duty. Snowed in equals choices between myriad forms of joy.

Shall I brew a pot of tea and read a book? Shall I work on a quilt I am making? Shall I knit the sleeves of that sweater that is three-quarters done? Shall I wrestle that short story into submission?

Or share my joy with my readers first?

I hope where you are it is a good snow day. An ice-free snow day. A no-travel-advised day of cozying up and letting all the stress blow away in the wind chill. All safely viewed through a not too drafty window.

Stay warm. Stay cozy. Stay creative and free. Relax. Winter blessings upon you all!


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