I had not intended so much time to elapse between posts. Sorry for that. I have been, as the odd and old colloquialism goes, “knocked sideways six ways from Sunday” by recent events in the U.S., only compounded by a viral illness.

I had been chugging along most productively with my writing, enjoying an online writing course and generating new words quite pleasurably. Then, everything came to a crashing halt as I, and our nation, confronted the most shocking exposure of a divide in our national psyche far larger than had been openly recognized and acknowledged.

I am not a political commentator. I have no wish to use this forum to fuel debates. I only wish to say that emotions are running high on all sides, and emotions are exhausting. All of us are suddenly facing challenges we never anticipated, which will require focus, vigilance, paying attention, standing by our beliefs, and moving back to a place of commonality where we can all believe that we are all in this together and are creating a better, safer world for all. I do believe in the rule of law. I do also believe simply making a law does not make it right, thus our courts system. I do believe in kindness. I do believe in respect for the good we can find in others. I do believe in standing up to oppose infringements on our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Opposing any threats to justice and liberty for all.

The challenge will be to make space in our lives for both the necessary works of civic duty while at the same time practicing good self care and, for many of us, nurturing the flow of creativity that we need to fully be who we are meant to be. And always taking time to see the beauties of our world and its peoples and allowing that appreciation to sink into our hearts.

For each of us I ask a blessing, taken from a sung blessing that has often closed worship services I attend: Go now in peace. May the Spirit of Love surround you, everywhere, everywhere you may go.


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