Writing Offers So Much Beyond the Work

Just last weekend I was thrilled to be part of a small writers’ retreat with two writers I have been friends with for about twenty-six years. They are the absolute best women. And who doesn’t love road trips?


Driving together up and back from our weekend together provided time to talk over anything and everything, from our kids, our daily challenges, our writing, our reading, and yes, because it was THAT weekend, the explosion of the Trump campaign into a chaos of prurient scandal.

Beyond that, I have no comment. I have no wish to talk about all that, because there are so many better things to focus upon. Like the natural and astounding beauty that filled our few days in Grand Marais, Minnesota. That’s just a stone’s throw from Canada. At least it is if it’s Paul Bunyan chucking the stone. But consider this beauty filled view of Lake Superior. That’s the harbor at Grand Marais, way down there.


And while we stayed together for three days, we visited some of our favorite places up there, like the historic Naniboujou Lodge, where we had lunch. If you’ve never seen it and get anywhere close to it, please don’t miss it. Totally unique and on the National Register of Historic places.

But we didn’t spend all our time enjoying the area and lunching out. We talked craft. We gave each other mini-tutorials in social media, blogging, story structure. We chose a book to read together over the winter and committed to cyber discussions of The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. We discovered a gem of a free online writing course that would start just days after we returned home and two of us signed up to participate. I’ve completed my first lesson and writing assignment for this course, offered by the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and I can tell already it is going to enrich and enliven my writing life.

It was hard to say goodbye to that natural treasure, Lake Superior, and to each other. One must, however, get back to the normal routine and back to work.

Stopping to bid Lake Superior goodbye.

These kinds of gatherings of creative friends do so much to nurture the spirit of a writer and bring a renewal of energy to our work. And they are such incredible fun besides. It’s something I highly recommend, if you are offered the opportunity. Oh, why not put one together yourself?





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