Following Harry Potter’s Route to Hogwarts

img_20160426_110052-harry-potter-train-routeI completely fell in love with the Highlands when I visited Scotland. Train travel is always my first choice of transport and I knew I would want to take the scenic train route that is featured in the Harry Potter films. It was with great delight that I recognized views all along the way from Glasgow to Maillig; views of lochs, hills, trees, and of course, the bridge particularly featured in the flying car mishap of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Though I confess I was more comfortable in the train than in a somewhat unreliable flying car.

We visited the Highlands in spring, and I was sad to discover no heather in bloom yet. But even without the carpet of purple, the rolling lands and hills of the Highlands are stunning.


Being a knitter, I also appreciated the many sheep we saw grazing and I was glad we were there at the right time to see all the new lambs.


And then there are the lochs. I live in a place called the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so you might think I am overexposed to watery beauty, but no. I still found the Scottish lochs to be stunning and only wish I were a better photographer.

I encourage everyone to put the Highlands on their travel lists, if possible. It really is a magical place, even without a Hogwarts School to visit in real life.scottish-loch


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